App Inventor

Presentation of App Inventor

App Inventor is a development tool for smartphones and tablets running Android.

App Inventor’s online development platform is available to all users with an email account.

The programming under App Inventor is done using a web browser like google chrome.

App Inventor is an Internet application for visual programming from blocks like scratch.

App Inventor consists of two parts: the designer part and the programming part.

The designer space allows you to compose your man machine interface the appearance of the screen, where you can choose your components: Button, text, image, frame drawing… and features such as sensor(gps, accelerometer…) media … and set them up.

The Blocks space allows you to program the behavior of the application.
Depending on the objects to be programmed that you have placed in the HMI interface (Man Machine interface), you have bricks available to process text, variables, mathematical behaviors, control the elements …

Creation of the first HELLO WORLD application

We will create a mobile application with App Inventor that will display the phrase ‘HELLO WORLD’.

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