ESP8266 Internet of things KY-026 sensor Micro:bit

Intelligent flame detection system with Micro:bit

The flame detection systems are specially designed to react quickly to any appearance of flame. When it comes to protecting areas where flammable products are present, the speed of reaction is crucial to protect the installations in a concept of total safety.

Purpose of this project:

In this project we will realize an intelligent fire detection system with the Micro: bit card connected to the Internet.

It mainly uses a KY-026 flame sensor.

When the flame sensor detects a flame, the Micro: bit card sends an alert email via WIFI.

Note: To connect the Micro: bit card to the Internet you can see this article:


Necessary components

  • Micro:bit
  • KY-026 flame sensor
  • ESP8266 wifi
  • Connecting wires

  • Test plate

  • Wifi network


To perform the assembly, you can connect:

for KY-026 flame sensor :

  • the DO pin to the P2 pin of the Micro:bit card

  • the VCC pin to the 3.3V pin of the Micro:bit card

  • the GND pin to the GND pin of the Micro:bit card

for ESP8266 module:

  • the RX pin to Pin P0 of the Micro:bit card

  • the TX pin to Pin P1 of the Micro:bit card

  • the GND pin to the GND of the Micro:bit card

  • the two pins 3V3 and EN to the 5V pin of the power supply module

Makecode program:

Here is the program of the intelligent fire detection system connected to the Internet:

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