ESP8266 Internet of things Micro:bit

Sending an email using Micro:bit

Purpose of this tutorial:

In this tutorial we will send an email when we press the A button on the Micro:bit card.

First, we must use the two Thingspeak and IFTTT web services which allow sending an email by the Micro:bit card.

Then, we must have the ESP8266 wifi card which allows you to connect the Micro: bit card to the Internet by wifi.

Necessary components:

  • Micro:bit
  • ESP8266 wifi
  • GPIO card

  • Power module


To perform the assembly, you can connect

  • The RX pin of the ESP8266 card to Pin P0 of the Micro:bit card

  • The TX pin of the ESP8266 card to Pin P1 of the Micro:bit card

  • The GND pin of the ESP8266 board to the GND of the Micro:bit board

  • The two pins 3V3 and EN of the ESP8266 board to the 5V pin of the power supply module

Makecode Program:

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jason 16-12-2121

HI This is only the first step in the process I assume you are using IFTTT to monitor the ThingSpeak account & send a preset email to a preset email address when it detects some data being sent? Maybe it would be helpful to show the rest of the process as someone new to IOT may not realise what is involved?

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