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Real-time color detection using webcam and ESP32

Real-time color detection is a process of detecting and identifying the colors of objects in real-time using computer vision techniques. It involves capturing an image or video feed from a camera and analyzing the pixel values to determine the color of each object in the frame.

There are several steps involved in real-time color detection:

  1. Image acquisition: The first step is to acquire an image or video feed from a camera. This can be done using a variety of devices, such as webcams, smartphones, or specialized cameras.
  2. Preprocessing: The next step is to preprocess the image to enhance the color information and remove noise. This may involve techniques such as blurring, sharpening, or adjusting the contrast.
  3. Color space conversion: The image is then converted from the RGB color space (which is commonly used for digital images) to a different color space, such as HSV or Lab. This conversion allows for easier and more accurate detection of colors.
  4. Color segmentation: The image is then segmented into regions based on color. This is typically done using thresholding or clustering techniques to group together pixels that are similar in color.
  5. Color classification: Once the image has been segmented, each region is assigned a color label based on its color characteristics. This can be done using machine learning algorithms, such as decision trees or neural networks, or through simple rules based on color ranges.
  6. Visualization: Finally, the detected colors can be visualized using various methods, such as drawing colored boxes around objects or highlighting them with a different color.

Real-time color detection has numerous applications, such as in object tracking, traffic monitoring, and robotics. It is also commonly used in mobile apps for tasks such as identifying the color of clothing or matching paint colors.

Project description:

For a robot to visualize the environment, alongside object detection, real-time color detection is also very important.

In this context, we have produced a vision system that can detect colors in real time and light the LEDs according to the colors detected.

The colors detected by this system are: red, blue, green and yellow.

This system consists of a computer, a webcam and the ESP32 card.

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David 31-10-2121

Hello sir. Can i get the code? And is it possible to run the system without connect it to pc?

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