DHT11 Micro:bit

Measure temperature with Micro:bit and DHT11 sensor

Purpose of this tutorial:

In this tutorial we will see how to read the temperature measured by the DTH11 sensor and display it on the micro:bit board.


To complete the mounting we connect:

  • the DATA pin of the DTH11 sensor to the pin 1 of the micro:bit adapter
  • the VCC pin of the DTH11 sensor to the 3.3 V pin of the micro:bit.
  • DTH11 sensor GND pin to micro:bit GND pin

There are several mounting methods.

Mounting (1)

Mounting (2)

Makecode program

Here is the makecode program that reads the temperature measured by the DHT11 sensor.

Note: you must go to Extensions to import the DHT11/DHT22 extension.

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