ESP8266 Internet of things Micro:bit

IoT applied in Agriculture with Micro:bit

Connected objects have applications in many sectors, and agriculture is one of the most benefiting from the benefits of the Internet of Things.

Purpose of this project:

This project describes the application of IoT (Internet of Things) in agriculture. In this environment we take measurements of the humidity of the soil of a plant.

Monitoring of the parameter around this process (information provided by the soil sensor) is done using open source tools and resources such as Micro: bit and ThingSpeak. We read the sensor data in real time on the internet through a web page and also on the graphs in ThingSpeak.

This work is carried out using a microcontroller (Micro: bit) connected to an ESP8266 module which will send all the information via WIFI concerning the environment of our plant, to ThingSpeak.

Necessary components

  • Micro:bit
  • Soil moisture sensor

  • ESP8266 Wifi
  • Connecting wires

  • Test plate 

  • Wifi network


To perform the assembly, you can connect:

for the soil sensor:

  • pin S to pin P2 of the Micro:bit card

  • pin (+) to pin 3.3V of the Micro:bit card

  • the pin (-) to the GND pin of the Micro:bit card

For ESP8266 module:

  • The RX pin to P0 of the Micro: bit card Micro:bit card’s

  • TX pin to P1 The GND pin to the GND of the Micro:bit card

  • The two pins 3V3 and EN to the 5V pin of the power supply module

The soil moisture values sent by the Micro: bit card to the thinkspeak.com site

Programme Makecode:

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