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Send a message from smartphone to Arduino

Purpose of this tutorial:

In this tutorial we will see how to send a message from the smarthpone to the Arduino board via bluetooth.

We will create two programs: a mobile application with App Inventor for the smartphone and a program for the Arduino board.

Necessary components

  • Arduino
  • Smartphone
  • HC-06 Bluetooth
  • Display LCD

For the assembly you can see this article:



Here is the program which allows you to connect the Arduino board to the smartphone and to receive messages by bluetooth.

The following is displayed on the LCD display:

  • The word ‘connects’ if the Micro: bit card is connected to the smartphone and the letter ‘disconnects’ otherwise.

  • The message received from the smartphone

Creation of the application with App Inventor:

We create a mobile application named ‘send_microbit’ with App Inventor which allows you to send a message from the smartphone to the Arduino board.

We propose to design the application, with the following visual:

Programming with App Inventor

To program the application, App Inventor offers us to use the Blocks space, which allows you to create a program in the form of a block diagram. Very easy to use but requiring a little programming logic.

Here is the program of the application created in the Blocks area of ​​the Inventor App:

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