Buzzer Micro:bit

Use the buzzer with Micro:bit

Purpose of this tutorial:

The goal of this tutorial is to find out how to use the buzzer with micro: bit: When you press button A, the buzzer emits a sound. When you press button B, the buzzer stops the sound emission.

Components required

  • Micro:bit card
  • buzzer
  • Micro:bit GPIO Expansion Board (for mounting 1)
  • connecting wires 


The assembly consists in connecting the terminal (+) of the buzzer to pin P0 and the terminal (-) to the GND of the micro: bit.

There are several mounting methods.

Mounting (1)

Mounting (2)

Makecode program

Here is the makecode program which makes it possible to emit a sound from the buzzer when the A button of the micro: bit is pressed.

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