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Automatic watering system with Arduino

Purpose of this project:

This project consists of creating an automatic watering system for plants, which triggers a water supply only in case of need. Suitable for a single plant or a small plantation, this system can be replicated at different scales. It will allow you to maintain your plants in your absence, or to manage the growth of species particularly sensitive to moisture by setting fine adjustments.

This automatic watering device will provide an opportunity to study the use of an analog signal from a sensor to activate a fairly powerful actuator (here an electric pump) using a relay.

Principle of operation:

Located near the plant or plants to be monitored, the installation monitors the state of drought of the earth with the help of a dedicated sensor, characterizing the resistance of the earth between two electrodes. This information is then used to activate a 5V pump, driven by an Arduino board to supply plants with water.

Composants nécessaires

  • Arduino UNO
  • Soil moisture sensor
  • 5V water pump
  • Relay
  • Water tank
  • Connecting wires
  • Test plate

Mounting the automatic watering system

To make the assembly, we can connect

For the soil moisture sensor:

  • pin (+) to 3.3V pin of Arduino
  • pin (-) to GND pin of Arduino
  • pin (S)  to pin A0 of Arduino

 For relay :

  • pin (+) to 3.3V pin of Arduino
  • pin (-) to GND pin of Arduino
  • pin (S)  to pin 4 of Arduino
  • pin (ON) to 5V pin of Arduino

For the water pump:

  • the first terminal to the COM pin of the relay
  • the second GND terminal to Arduino GND pin


Here is the program for the Arduino board connected to the automated parking system.

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David 10-12-2121

Hello bro, i want to make color detector with a phone and a arduino for detect color of coffee beans, it is possible?

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