What is a Micro:bit card?

The micro: bit card is a pocket computer that you can program in several languages ​​(Bloc Editor, MicroPython, TouchDevelop, Javascript, etc.) on online programming interfaces. You can customize and control it to bring everyday games and digital ideas.

In terms of its dimensions, the micro: bit card measures 4×5 cm and contains 25 programmable LEDs whose function is to display texts, numbers and images. These LEDs are controlled by 25 external connectors or pins which in turn control motors and other components. Also, this card features an accelerometer that detects when and how it is moved as well as gesture control. It should also be mentioned that in this card there is a radio and a Bluetooth chip that allow wireless communication and sending messages to other micro-bits or other devices such as the smartphone. Finally, you are told that you have a compass that detects the earth’s magnetic field, allowing you to determine the direction of the micro: bit; and a temperature sensor measuring that of the card.

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