I2C LCD 1602 Display Micro:bit

Create a stopwatch with Micro:bit and LCD display

Purpose of this tutorial:

In this tutorial we will see how to create a stopwatch with the micro:bit card and an LCD display:

  • When you press the A button of the Micro:bit, the stopwatch is triggered.
  • When the Micro:bit B button is pressed, the stopwatch stops.

Required Components

  • Micro:bit
  • LCD Display
  • GPIO Expansion Board
  • Connection Wires


To perform the assembly, connect:

  • the VCC pin of the display to an energy of 5V-9V .
  • Pin GND from display to pin GND of micro:bit
  • Pin SCL from LCD display to pin 19 of micro:bit
  • Pin SDA from LCD display to pin 20 of micro:bit

There are several mounting methods.

Mounting (1)

Montage (2)

Makecode program

Here is the makecode program that allows you to create a stopwatch and display it on an LCD display.

Note: you must go to Extensions to import the I2c_LCD1602 extension.

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