SSD1306 display

Traffic light with SSD1306 display controlled by ESP32

A traffic light is an electronic device that controls the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic using a set of [...]

10-05-21 2887

Display a text on the SSD1306 display with ESP32

Purpose of this tutorial: To display text on a SSD1306 OLED display using an ESP32, you would need to connect [...]

10-05-21 2887

Measure the temperature with ESP32 and DHT11 sensor

The DHT11 sensor is a low-cost humidity and temperature sensor that can be used to measure the temperature and humidity [...]

10-05-21 2887

Using the 4×4 Matrix Keypad with the ESP32 board

The ESP32 is a microcontroller development board that is based on the Espressif Systems ESP32 microcontroller. It features a dual-core [...]

09-04-22 2887

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