Presentation of the Scratch program

What is the Scratch program? This section, we will introduce you to Scratch, a programming language developed at MIT's Media [...]

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Programming with Scratch

Programming is done by moving instructions from the block category section to the script area. The block category section contains [...]

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Creating sprites with Scratch

Definition of sprites: Sprites in Scratch are images that can be created and programmed in the Scratch interface. These sprites [...]

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Add a background in Scratch

Let's start by giving our project a background. Below the scene, you'll see that there are four options for creating [...]

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Move the cat sprite with Scratch

Moving the Cat sprite with Scratch In this tutorial, we will see how to control the movement of the cat [...]

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Change the sprite’s costume with Scratch

Je suis un bloc de texte, cliquez sur le bouton \"éditer\" pour me modifier. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur [...]

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Variables in Scratch

What is a variable? A variable is a kind of container that can hold one piece of information at a [...]

10-09-22 2887

Sensing Blocks in Scratch

The blocks of the Sensing category are used, due to their shapes, in association with blocks from other categories. Sensing [...]

10-09-22 2887

Motion Blocks in Scratch

Blocks in the Motion category are used to place and move sprites absolutely or relatively on the Stage. They define [...]

11-09-22 2887

Operators Blocks in Scratch

Blocks in the operators category are powerful blocks. Understanding and mastering them is the key to being able to do [...]

13-09-22 2887

Looks blocks in Scratch

Looks blocks are blocks that allow you to modify the appearance of your sprite. It can also change the costume [...]

13-09-22 2887

Sound blocks in Scratch

Scratch's musical capabilities revolve around Sound Blocks, audio primitives that allow users to trigger individual sounds, notes, and rests, and [...]

13-09-22 2887

Events Blocks in Scratch

Events in computing are the triggers for action, like selecting the play button on any screen. Events in Scratch are [...]

13-09-22 2887

Control Blocks in Scratch

Control blocks allow you to control blocks in your scripts, inserting conditional statements, loops, repeats and pauses. They can make [...]

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