LED Micro:bit

Switch on a LED by Micro:bit

Purpose of this tutorial:

The objective of this tutorial is to light up an LED by the micro: bit card.

Components required

  • micro: bit card
  • 1 red LED
  • 1 resistors of 220Ω
  • Micro: bit GPIO Expansion Board 
  • connecting wires


As for the assembly, it is easy to connect LEDs to the micro: bit either by using alligator clips or a micro: bit breadboard adapter. We connect the Po pin of the micro: bit card to the resistor, then the anode (+ terminal) of the LED and the cathode (- terminal) to the micro: bit GND. There are many mounting methods and here are some examples:

Mounting (1)

Mounting (2)

Makecode program

Here is the makecode program which allows to light an LED connected to pin P0 of the micro: bit.

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