Keypad 4x4 Micro:bit Microbit Driver Expansion Board Project

Door security system controlled by Micro:bit

Purpose of this projet:

In today’s life everything becomes simple and advanced, previously to lock something we used to have padlocks, combination locks. But due to the increase in theft and technology, new types of locks such as electronic locks, smart locks have been invented and people are widely using them to protect their property.

In this project, we will build a password-based door lock system by interfacing the Micro:bit board with a 4×4 keypad to enter the password.

We use a sliding door opening or closing by horizontal translation thanks to a 5V DC motor.

With this project we can build a security system that works with a password.

The door can be opened by two methods:

  • Method 1 based on password

  • Method 2 based on pressing button A

You can close the door by pressing button B

Description of how the door security system works

Composants nécessaires

  • micro:bit
  • 4×4 keypad
  • Micro:bit Driver Expansion Board
  • DC motor
  • connecting wires


To carry out the assembly, we connect:

  • the 8 keyboard outputs to the 8 Micro:bit pins (P0, P1, P2, P8, P12, P13, P14, P15)

  • both motor terminals to 2 pin M3 of the Driver Expansion Board

Makecode program

Here is the Makecode program which allows the door to be opened or closed by the Micro:bit card.

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